SWOLE O'clock Ambassadors

Meet our #swolesquad
Our SWOLE O'clock® Ambassadors are dedicated to health and fitness.

They’re passionate about building themselves, and others. They contribute to our community with their knowledge and enthusiasm. They are motivated to be bigger, better and stronger.

That’s why they’re on the team. Follow them on their journeys to be inspired!
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Nickname The King of Abs
Motto to live by “Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about”
Height 5.77ft / 176cm
Comp weight 176lb / 80kg
Off season 189lb / 86kg
Arms 18" / 46cm
Thighs 23.6" / 60cm
Waist 32.2" / 82cm
Bench press 408lb / 185kg
Leg press 1200lb / 550kg
Squat 440lb / 200kg
Nickname Frenchie
Motto to live by “Make thick my blood, stop up accesses to remorse that no compunctious visiting’s of nature may fell my purpose”
Height 5ft 8" / 177cm
Comp weight 187lb / 85kg
Off season 202lb / 92kg
Arms 18" / 46cm
Thighs 26" / 67cm
Waist 32" / 81cm
Bench press 352lb / 160kg
Leg press  1015lb / 460kg
Squat 530lb / 240kg
Nickname JoJo
Motto to live by "If you don't do the work someone else will"
Height 6ft 1" / 185cm
Comp weight  193lb / 87kg
Off season 220lb/ 99kg
Arms 17.5" / 44cm
Thighs  24.5" / 62cm
Waist 29" / 74cm
Bench press 385lb / 174kg
Squat 485lb / 219kg

Nickname Stanimal
Motto to live by "Chase your dreams and do everything with passion”
Height 5ft 10" / 178cm
Comp weight 195lb / 88kg
Off season 205lb / 93kg
Arms 16.5" / 42cm
Thighs 25" / 63.5cm
Waist 32" / 81cm
Bench press 350lb / 160kg
Squat 485lb / 219kg
Deadlift  500lb /226kg
Nickname Maverick
Motto to live by "If you want something you've never had before, you've gotta be willing to do something you've never done before."
Height 6ft 3" / 190cm
Comp weight 185lb / 85kg
Off season 210lb / 95kg
Arms 18.5" / 47cm
Thighs 26" / 66cm
Waist 30" / 76cm
Bench press 350lb / 158kg
Deadlift  475lb / 215kg
Squat 475lb / 215kg
Nickname Mario
Motto to live by “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, you have to live for the moment.”
Height 5ft 11” / 180cm
Comp weight 185lb / 84kg
Off season 205lb / 93kg
Arms 17.5" / 44cm
Thighs 26”/ 66cm
Waist 32" / 81cm
Bench press  405lb / 184kg

Nickname Jeremy
Motto to live by "Every expert was once  a beginner."
Height 5ft 9" / 175cm
Comp weight 155lb / 70kg
Off season 165lb / 75kg
Arms 16" / 40cm
Thighs 23" / 58cm
Waist 29" / 73cm
Bench press 300lb / 136kg
Leg press  750lb / 340kg
Squat 375lb / 170kg
Nickname Zain
Motto to live by "When you want to succeed as bad you want to breath, then you'll be successful"
Height 5ft 8” / 172cm
Comp weight 184lb / 83kgs
Off season  205lb / 93kg
Arms 17.5" / 44cm
Thighs 27” / 68cm
Waist 28" / 71cm
Bench press 315lb / 142kg
Leg press  1100lb / 499kg